Attacks on Logic Locking, Obfuscation, Fine-grain Hardware Redaction, & Routing Table Configuration

Capture The Flag 2022


We plan to organize two Red Team events – one in 2022 and another in 2023. As part of these Red Team events, an open competition across the globe will take place for teams of students, faculty members or industry practitioners, on evaluating the security of the four individual countermeasures: (1) Logic Locking (LL); (2) State Space Obfuscation (SSO); (3) Fine-grain Hardware Redaction (FHR); and (4) Network on Chip (NoC) routing table configuration (RTC). The state-of-the art LL, SSO, FHR, and RTC techniques will be applied to a suite of open-source benchmark designs of varying size and complexities to create a suite of protected designs. We will also include protected designs obtained from a layered countermeasure technique, realized by judiciously combining the aforementioned four techniques, which is expected to provide higher level of security than the individual countermeasures. The participating teams, considered as “Red Teams”, will then take these protected (transformed and locked) designs and try to break their defenses as well as quantify the level of security, whenever possible. They will report their findings and the results will help us enhance the four individual techniques (LL, SSO, FHR, and RTC) and integrated layered countermeasure. The organizing committee will finally generate detailed reports, to be shared with the broader community, highlighting the process and outcomes of the events and comparative security evaluation of various countermeasures. Researchers at University of Florida, Texas A&M University, and the University of Maryland together will organize these two Red Team events and Universities across the globe and appropriate industry practitioners will participate in these events. The competition will have a final presentation session where the participating teams will present their key findings and a group of independent judges comprising of representatives from industry, academia, and government will participate as judges. 


  • Aug 02: Registration Begins.
  • Aug 15: Provide Warm-up Designs.
  • Sep 15: Launch Challenge Round.
  • November 29: Preliminary Report Due.
  • December 6: Finalist Notification.
  • January 27: Final Report Due.
  • February 3: Final Presentation, Judging, Award & Closing Ceremony (Virtual).

*Tentative timeline. Organizers have the rights to modify at any time, if needed.

How to Participate

Check the Registration and Rules pages.


  • 1st Prize: $15,000

  • 2nd Prize: $10,000

  • 3rd Prize: $5,000

  • 4th Prize: $2,000

  • 5th Prize: $1,500

  • 6th Prize: $1,000

  • 7th Prize: $1,000



Please find winners of HeLLO CTF 2022 here: winners.